gps not working

2015 GMC Yulon XL Denali navigation system not working properly, as ot gives wrong location, and appears to keep moving as the vehicle moves. Very in accurate. I checked in the where am i feature but i have no satellite signal at all. Now it tells me I am in Texas but i live in Canada BC. Looked for gps for over 30 minutes and nothing. This thread is locked. Using GPS navigation is not just for locating your position or reaching a new friend’s place, it can be used for locating your pets, preventing car theft, keeping an eye out on your elderlies, mapping, surveying, and a lot more. Is this a calibration issue or something larger? ... That's not what I meant. My truck will not initialize the GPS. My GPS doesn't seem to work with any navigation app. it will show my location about 40miles+ southwest of where i truly am. In case the information it shows is not correct, try using the mobile networks and Wi-Fi only. so after tons of searching i came up empty handed on this site, but i did find 1 similar article on the grand cherokee forum with the same uconnect unit. I've tried disconnecting the negative battery cable. Still doesn't work though, any ideas as to why it's not working. It took about a month, but I was able to provide HERE with a copy of my invoice for the map update and a copy of the service order to replace the head and they sent me a new one to work with the new head unit. Same here. If the situation is still the same, use GPS only and see if it solves the issue. Also on the Navigation page, the GPS status on the top left of the screen has a red diagonal thru GPS. Reply Cancel Cancel; Top Replies. The location button in the notification bar is deactivated . What have you tried so far? I've also called Entune Customer service. Location Settings Not Working In Windows 10 I am unable to turn on location in my windows 10 upgraded laptop. 8648268 over 1 year ago. Why Is My GPS Not Working? "Wait for GPS" but GPS signal is never acquired. It hasnt leaked yet but I suppose thats next. GPS not working - stuck on waiting for GPS for over 30 minutes every time. After about a year the GPS on my 2016 quit working. The clock does not work since its getting a feed from the GPS. I have tried nothing. Couple weeks ago i tried to use the GPS and it was off by 100miles. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Yukon XL yourself? A few days before I was waxing the top and the metal is so thin that it flexed around the GPS antenna and water ran out from under seal. When I replaced my shark fin antenna, my dealer service advisor printed out a copy of the replacement procedure for that, and it called for 3M Flexiclear Body Seam Sealer 08504 (in my case...available though Grainger). Disclaimer - I'm not an "auto body repair', nor do I play one on TV. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Romas over 1 year ago +2. New Vivoactive 4. This extraordinary system is … Today i updated uconnect and even tried a factory reset. Dealer visit next week. Already checked settings, settings are fine. No matter what i did, it would not work. -*My issue, gps will work but its incorrect. The GPS Operations Center (GPSOC) at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, is the focal point in the Department of Defense (DOD) for operational issues and questions concerning military use of GPS. Here, you should first try using the GPS, mobile networks and Wi-Fi for tracking the location. In an area with strong GPS presence. Please help me with this.. The GPS symbol has a red slash through it. strange. The only problem I had from it is that my original unit had the latest maps from HERE and the replacement unit did not.

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